380HP from the new Cupra Formentor

Cupra Formentor Tune

The new Cupra Formentor is hardly on the market and already we have a tune for it. Since the Formentor uses many of the same or similar components as the Golf R, we are already familiar with the engine and know how far we can go and what needs to be done to get the best out of the engine without pushing the limits of the components.

Completely controllable through the App

The tune can be operated as standard through the Allemann Performance App and can be switched on or off as required. In Eco, Sport and Race mode, the various performance maps are adjusted. Each mode can be controlled and adjusted individually.

More Power than a Golf R

As we know, the Cupra Formentor has the same engine as the Volkswagen Golf R, but the turbocharger has been modified and allows for more pressure and thus more power. Compared to the Golf R, our Cupra Formentor Tune with 380HP already has 20HP more than its cousin from Volkswagen.

80HP more within 30 minutes

The advantage of our chip tune is that the installation or removal is very easy. Contact us today to arrange an installation appointment or to find out more.

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