The Cupra Ateca AP380

The new Cupra Ateca with nearly 400HP

Cupra Ateca 400HP

We at Allemann Performance are big fans of the Seat brand and now the new Cupra brand. With more than 200 Seat Leon Cupra specials in the last 5 years, such as the Seat Leon Cupra 355, Cupra 377, AP380, AP400 or even AP 500. We thought why not take a stab at tuning the new Cupra Ateca.

The Cupra Ateca AP380 was born

We took the standard Cupra Ateca and built up on its aggressive styling. Accenting the rear lip and beefy sides, we were able to make it really stand out. When put next to other sporty SUVs, one notices the angry looks. Other than accenting its corners and curves, we added our Allemann Performance lettering and stickers, to make it clear to others in traffic, that this isn’t an ordinary Cupra Ateca. This is a Cupra Ateca with nearly 400HP ad 460NM of torque.

Cupra Ateca 400HP

Looks without sound is nothing

The standard exhaust system doesn’t do the Cupra Ateca any favours, which is why we added an aftermarket valved exhaust, that we were able to tweak to get the exact sound that we were going for. This beefy little SUV now sounds like it looks too.

The valves stay open whilst in „Sport“ or „Cupra“ mode which allows for a sportier sound when driving sporty. We have also lowered the car on a Sport Suspension that we tweaked to be comfortable for family needs and sporty enough to stick with many Golf Rs in the corners.

Family is everything

Whether you need to take the kids to school or you’re going on holiday with your family, the Cupra Ateca AP380 fulfills all needs. With the added power and retractable tow hook, no hill is too steep to tow up, there are no limits as to where you can go and you don’t need to compromise on looks.

If you’re considering a power upgrade on your Cupra Ateca or you want it rebuilt, contact us to arrange an apointment.


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