Audi RSQ3 tuning


Audi RSQ3 Tuning


The Audi RSQ3 is already a biestly car from factory, with its 400HP and Kyalami green color, it already plays with the big boys in terms of performance and looks. This combination gave us at Allemann Performance an idea. Why not blend the Kyalami green color in the interior, give the RSQ3 more power and call it the „Angry Hulk“.

Angry Hulk was born

Audi RSQ3

We made sure, inside and out, that you don’t forget that you are sitting in a unique car. The Kyalami Green was carried through into the interior, from the handle elements, the door trim with honeycomb quilting in green, center console, center armrest, floor carpets, dashboard, to the back seat. Also the steering wheel made of carbon and Alcantara with 12 o’clock marker in green completes the design in the interior perfectly.

Outside, 22 inch Flow Forming aluminum rims were mounted and thanks to a lowering of 40mm with adjustable sport spring set, the Aggressive Angry Hulk Look was accentuated. This not only helps with the mean look, it also ensures that the driving feel is adjusted.

Thanks to the painted ceramic calipers and the „Angry Hulk“ lettering, passers-by and other drivers know what they are dealing with.


Hulk is more than just looks

The chassis was tuned according to the weight of Hulk. During acceleration or heavy cornering, we made sure that the wheels dont scrape the fenders. On the race track the suspension can be adjusted as required.

Audi RSQ3 Kyalami Green

To give it Hulk strength, we gave the Kyalami green Audi RSQ3 a healthy dose of power. From 400 to 480HP and 570NM, Hulk now sprints from 0-100km/h in 4.0 seconds.

The Hulk breathes through a special, more freeflowing air intake. More air means more power and also a better sound, now the turbo and blow off sounds are clearly audible.

Unparalleled road presence

Because the RSQ3 Hulk looks like a Supercar from every angle, but is „only“ an SUV, it becomes all the more eye-catching. All looks fall on him.

More perspectives, can be found below, or in our Hulk Video


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