App Controlled Chip Tune

The App Controlled tune for your car

Chiptuning App

The Allemann Performance tune is controlled via an app on your phone, which allows you to to control your performance tune, your throttle response or your sound module if you have one built in. You can choose between three different tunes: Eco, Sport & Race.

Performance chip tune with a difference

Each different mode was programmed in a way that offers you a subtle advantage over the stock tune. In Eco mode you get a later torque delivery, which helps you save fuel and go further, Sport mode allows a sooner torque curve that increases accelerating and getting around in places where its needed the most, like in urban environments, whilst still being economic. Race mode is all the power as soon as possible.

Safe Chip Tunes for every occasion

The smart tunes are piggy back units, that plug into the boost pressure sensor, changing the values in each desired mode. Each tune was individually developed for the specific make and model of vehicle that it is installed on.

Our tunes are specifically developed not to push the boundaries of the hardware it is installed on, but instead our app controlled chip tune offers noticeable power increases

whilst maintaining the reliability of the factory components.

App Controlled Chip Tune

Quality Tunes made in Switzerland

Our Chip Tunes are developed by our team in Switzerland and then built and tested by our team in Germany. All hardware components including the plastic housings are certified built in Germany.

Allemann Performance offers app controlled tunes for most German car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Cupra, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG, Porsche, Skoda und Volkswagen. If you want an app controlled tune for your car, contact us.


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